Texas is a right-to-work state. However, Texas law allows for firefighters and police officers of a municipality to organize for collective bargaining. The rights to collective bargaining by the police and firefighters allow these public employees to organize into unions and to negotiate actively with their employer city for adjustments in pay, benefits, hours and other terms of employment. Strikes are prohibited. Uniformed employees through their associations have written collective bargaining agreements which range from 1-5 years.


In separate elections in 1974, San Antonio voters approved collective bargaining for the City’s Firefighters and Police Officers. Since that time, the City and the associations for firefighters and police officers have entered into collective bargaining agreements. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement the City has with the San Antonio Police Officers Association expires Sept. 30, 2021. Separately, the firefighters union has refused multiple invitations by the City to come to the table to negotiate a new agreement.